Soybean paste soup

I think there are two most popular soups in Korea. One is Kimchi soup the other is soybean paste soup. But when I cook them in dorm, I am afraid of smell. The smells of those soups are can be thought as stink to western people. However, if you taste it, it beyond your imagination! It is really good! So, if you were brave enough, let’s try it!



5 cups of water 
1 potato 
1 onion 
5 mushrooms 
1/2 zucchini 
1/2 firm tofu  

-Anchovy Stock 

1 slice of dried kelp 
5 dried anchovies 


3 spoons of soybean paste 
1/2 spoon of red pepper paste 
1 spoon of chopped garlic


Let’s yori!

Anchovy stock


1. Heat a pot and roast anchovies.


2. Put the sliced kelp and add 5 cups of water and boil.


3. Bring to boil, remove kelp and anchovies from the stock.

Soybean paste soup




1. Slice onion and mushrooms, cut zucchini and potato as a half circle, and cut the tofu as a bite size.





2. Put all the vegetables in the boiling anchovy stock.




3. Put soybean paste and red pepper paste, and soften with water.

4. Add chopped garlic.

5. Add tofu in the soup.



6. Boil it for 20 minutes and eat with rice!


Tofu egg fritter

Tofu is one of the healthy food. It has low calories and full of protein. When you are too lazy to make good food, let’s make this simple and easies fritter! you need only tofu, egg, and onion. you can make it in 10minutes.


½ tofu
¼ onion
2 eggs
3 spoons of flour

½ tablespoon of salt
¼ tablespoon of black pepper

Let’s yori! 

Tofu egg fritter


1-1 t1-2

1. Mash tofu in the ball.


2. Chop the onion and put it in the ball.


3. Add 2 eggs in the ball and mix with tofu and onion.


4. Season with salt and black pepper.
5. To form it, put little bit of flour.
6. Heat the pan and oil it.


7. Put the tofu mix on the pan into small circles.
8. Flip it when one side becomes golden brown.
9. Plate it and enjoy with the ketchup!