When you are sick

imageI am sick right now. I do not know exact reason but I think maybe cold weather made my stomach hurt.

Even though it is Thanksgiving day, I cannot eat delicious food!

In Korea, we usually eat porridge when we are sick. And there are many kinds of porridge which we can eat even though we are not sick at all.

Porridge is called as ‘Juk’ in Korean. It is a food that softened rice and other ingredients. So, it is easy to digest and eat.


Basic porridge is white porridge which made with only white rice and water. We never season it because it is for really sick person. But because it has no taste, sometimes it allowed to eat with soy sauce.


But porridge is getting popular as a daily food in Korea.

There are so many kinds such as mushroom and oyster porridge, beef porridge, tuna porridge, and kimchi porridge too.

We can put any kinds of ingredients with rice and water.

If you want some food can eat easily and healthy, try it with ingredients what you like.