Beef onion soup

Do you remember “Dried Pollack soup“? It is a Korean famous hangover soup. Today, I will introduce one more hangover soup. Ingredients of today’s soup are easier to find around you. It is also good as a daily soup.


1 spoon of oil 
4 cups of water 
200g of beef 
1 onion 


Chopped garlic 
2 spoons of soybean sauce for soup 
1/4 spoon of salt 
Little bit of black pepper 
(*option: chili pepper powder)

Let’s Yori!

“ Beef onion soup”


1. Put beef in the cold water to remove the blood for 20-30 minutes


2. Cut the beef as a bite size.

3. Slice onion to be little bit thick.


4. Heat and oil the pan and stir the beef.


5. When beef turned to brown, put onion, and stir again.


6. Before beef turn into golden brown, add water, and boil it until onion get transparent color.


7. Put all the seasonings, and boil 20 minutes. (If you want more spicy taste, add chili pepper powder.)

Dried Pollack soup

After Thursday night drinking, what do you usually eat? I heard some countries drinking tomato juice or soup, taking pill to get over the hangover, or eat pizza and bread. In Korea, we usually eat hangover soup. Today, I want to introduce Dried Pollack soup which is one of famous hangover soup. It is called 북어국(Buk-uh-guk) in Korean. It is a mild soup so you can eat it whenever you soothe your stomach even without hangover.


 A handful of dried Pollack slices
 Sesame oil or vegetable oil
 2 eggs
 1 green onion (chopped)
 20oz (600ml) of water

 *Option: ½ onions (sliced)

 ½ spoon of salt
 ½ spoon of black pepper
 1 spoon of soy sauce
 1 spoon of chopped garlic

Let’s Yori!

“Dried Pollack soup”


1.Heat and oil the pot.


2.Put dried Pollack slices on the pot and stir.
2-1. If you want, you can add sliced onion.


3.Before Pollack is burnt, put water and boil.


4.Mix eggs and chopped green onion in the bowl.


5.When soup is boiling put ‘step 4’.


6.Put salt, soy sauce, black pepper, and chopped garlic to season.


7. Boil it and plate!