Steamed egg

Foods made from eggs are various such as omelet, scrambled egg, and egg salad. In Korea, steamed egg is most common side dish for every meal because it is easy to make and depends on what you put inside, you can make various taste. Also it is healthy because we don’t need to put oil in it and just need to steam.  If you are in busy situation with empty stomach, and you don’t have time to chop vegetables, you can just beat some eggs and put water in the bowl and microwave it 3 min. It is tasty enough! But today, I will introduce most tasty version of steamed egg.

Main Ingredients 
3 eggs 
1/3cup of water 

2 Mushrooms 
1 Green onion
1/4 of Onion 
*Option : 1 strip of crab meat 

1/2 spoon of salt 
1/4 spoon of black pepper 

-Necessary tool 
Bowl for microwave


Let’s Yori!

“Steamed egg”


1.      Beat the eggs into the bowl.

2.      Put a little bit of water.

3.      Mix eggs and water well.

4.      Slice crab meat and Chop mushrooms, onion, and green onion.

5.      Put ingredients in the bowl.

6.      Season egg mix with salt and black pepper.

7.      Mix everything well.




8.      Microwave it for 3 min.