International students in NSU

– Opinions of international students
about their native & the U.S foods –

For the last 3 months, my blog has been about my food life, so I uploaded many Korean food recipes, cultural events, and seasonings. But I wanted to know how other exchange students feel their life in the U.S., especially how they feel about food in America. So, I did simple survey and interviews with international students around me during November 29th to December 1st. Participants are 16 students who are going to Nicholls State University.


The Food that I miss the most is…?

It’s getting easier, but I have been suffering from food-homesickness. So, I found many recipes and cooked them for the last 11months. The U.S.A has many different foreign food restaurants, but not really in Thibodaux. However, the tastes of those restaurants are still quite different from the real tastes in native countries. So, I asked to my friends what food they miss the most.

  1. Joselyn Wéwürã Braimah


Joselyn came from Accra, Ghana which is located in West Africa. She has been staying here for about 1 year. She came here for pre-med study and is enjoying her life here very well. She explained her most missing food, which are named “Fufu”.


  1. Hyeonju Cheon


Hyeonju came from Seoul, South Korea which is located in East Asia. She stayed here for about 4 months. She came here as an exchange student to study marketing. She said she really miss spicy foods so she explained one food named “Tteokbokki”.


The best and the worst foods in U.S

All the students I surveyed have been staying in the U.S at least 4 months to 15 years. They must have tried some kinds of foods here. So, I asked them what the best and worst foods here are. It was very different, depending on the person, but I made a ranking to recognize it easily.


Also, I thought about what foods that I like and hate here. Below is the audio slide on which I explain my best and worst foods and the reasons.

Someday you can be an exchange student, too

When I came here first, I did not know what the popular and delicious foods to eat are.  It took long time to figure out that, so, I could not eat some of them. It is quite sad thing because food is one part of culture. If you will be an exchange student, you never want to miss it. So, I ask my friends what the best foods that people have to eat in each country are.


Importance of food to exchange students


On the survey, I asked my friends what kind of thing they most miss from their country. 30% of them said they miss family, friends, and pets, and the same 30% would do anything to eat their countries’ foods. Some people might wonder why exchange students and foreigners are attached that much to home-food. Of course, they are enjoying food in the U.S, too. But to exchange students, home-food means more than just food. It can give comfort when you are struggling in other countries and make you happier when you have something to celebrate in foreign country. Most of exchange students are not staying with their family or old friends. So, maybe I think we are getting warmth from food.