Soybean paste soup

I think there are two most popular soups in Korea. One is Kimchi soup the other is soybean paste soup. But when I cook them in dorm, I am afraid of smell. The smells of those soups are can be thought as stink to western people. However, if you taste it, it beyond your imagination! It is really good! So, if you were brave enough, let’s try it!



5 cups of water 
1 potato 
1 onion 
5 mushrooms 
1/2 zucchini 
1/2 firm tofu  

-Anchovy Stock 

1 slice of dried kelp 
5 dried anchovies 


3 spoons of soybean paste 
1/2 spoon of red pepper paste 
1 spoon of chopped garlic


Let’s yori!

Anchovy stock


1. Heat a pot and roast anchovies.


2. Put the sliced kelp and add 5 cups of water and boil.


3. Bring to boil, remove kelp and anchovies from the stock.

Soybean paste soup




1. Slice onion and mushrooms, cut zucchini and potato as a half circle, and cut the tofu as a bite size.





2. Put all the vegetables in the boiling anchovy stock.




3. Put soybean paste and red pepper paste, and soften with water.

4. Add chopped garlic.

5. Add tofu in the soup.



6. Boil it for 20 minutes and eat with rice!


Zucchini fritter

September 27 is Chuseok which is Korean thanksgiving. On Chuseok, cousins gather to perform ancestral rites and to appreciate to ancestors about taking care us, we cook fritter, fish, rice cake, vegetable, soup, and meat. Also we prepare newly harvested fruits and grains. And the table serving is like below picture but sometimes it is different depends on the local place.


Zucchini fritter is one of the foods that we make during Chuseok but we also eat as a usual side dish because it is really easy to make and taste good.


 1 zucchini
 2 eggs
 A handful of flour

- Seasoning
   ½ spoon of salt

- Dipping sauce
    Soy sauce

Let’s  Yori!

“Zucchini fritter”

 step1     01. Cut zucchini into the thickness 0.5 cm circles.


02. Beat the eggs and add salt.


03. Mix eggs and salt well.

04. Put flour on the dish or in the plastic bag.


05. Cover zucchini with the flour slightly.


06. Put flour covered zucchini into mixed egg.

07. Heat and oil the pan.


08. Put fully covered zucchini with flour and egg on the pan
(heat should be middle or mid-high).
09. Flip it when one side becomes golden brown
(Do not flip zucchini often).

step final

10. Plate it and enjoy with the soy sauce!
(You can also put some sesame oil and vinegar into the soy sauce)

Stirred potato

Ordinary Korean meal contains rice, soup, and three side dishes. Today, I want to introduce simple and common Korean side dish. It is stirred potato in Korean it is called Gamja-bokeum. The ingredients are simple and it takes only about 5-10 minutes.


- Vegetables
1 potato
½ onion
½ carrot

- Seasoning
1 spoon of salt
½ spoon of black pepper
1 garlic

Let’s Yori!

“Stirred potato”

1-1 1-2

1. Cut potato, carrot, and onion into the thin strips about 0.5~1cm.
2. Chop the garlic.


3. Put the potato into cold water or salt water to remove starch about 5 minutes.
4. Heat the pan and oil it.

5-1 5-2

5. Stir the potato and carrot first with medium heat and add onion when the potato and carrot got little bit soft.

6 7

6. Put salt, black pepper, and garlic to season.
7. When every vegetable fully cooked, plate it.