List of ingredients that you need to make Korean foods but most Americans are not using

   To make Korean foods there are some ingredients that I think you have to prepare. Some of them are unable to purchase from normal supermarket in the USA. So I have gotten those from oriental markets or from my mother in Korea. I categorized those in 3 fields and picked the best 5.


  1. Soy sauce
    For soup
    For general cooking (as a dipping sauce and for fried rice)
  2. Sesame oil
  3. Red pepper paste
  4. Soy bean paste
  5. Red pepper powder (chili powder)
    : There is chili power in usual mart but Korean one tastes different with it.


  1. Dried anchovy
  2. Dried kelp (sliced one is convenient)
  3. Radish
  4. Root of green onion
    (you can just cut and save in fridge the root when you cook other dishes)
  5. Seeds of hot pepper
    (we rarely use it but it is useful to make spicy taste of soup)


  1. Rice
  2. Kimchi
  3. Laver
  4. Dried seaweed
  5. Dried Pollack slices

 Here are some places I recommend you to get upper ingredients.

H-mart (

Near Thibodaux
Oriental Market
3324 Transcontinental Drive, Metairie, LA 70006