About Me

  DSC00514  I am an exchange student from South Korea and major in marketing. I have studied in Thibodaux since January 2015 and Now I am living in dorm. I am always cooking my meals in the dorm. 2 years ago I didn’t have any interest in cooking. However, I took a break from school for two years before I came to Thibodaux and during that time I worked a lot. With the money that I earned, I tried to make various foods that I wanted to eat or my family wanted. Since that time I have never improved cooking but I’ve enjoyed it.

      The foods in Thibodaux are good, but USA foods are still too oily and salty for me. So whenever I am faced with some food that I cannot eat, I miss foods that my mother made for me. I cannot perfectly prepare every ingredient from this area. I find that vegetables, parts of meats, and even the taste of soy sauce are different between my country and here.

      This is an amateur daily cooking diary of an exchange student who feels sometimes homesick, especially for food.