Jang Sujebi




- Dough 

- Anchovy stock 
  Dried Anchovy 
  Dried kelp slice 

- Seasoning 
  Red chili peppers paste 
  Soybean paste 

- Vegetable 
  *Zucchini (Option)

Making dough


  • Put flour in a bowl and put some salt to season.
  • Pour water in and dough it.


Anchovy stock


  • Roast anchovies (watch out for burning.)
  • Pour water in and add dried kelp.
  • After boiling for 5 minutes, take every ingredient out.


“Jang Sujebi”



  1. Cut every vegetable into bite size.
  2. Boil the stock, add pepper paste and soybean paste, and stir it well.
  3. Put every vegetable in the pot.
  4. Tear off the dough into bite size and put it in the stock.
  5. Put chopped garlic.
  6. Boil it until every ingredients cooked.

When you are sick

imageI am sick right now. I do not know exact reason but I think maybe cold weather made my stomach hurt.

Even though it is Thanksgiving day, I cannot eat delicious food!

In Korea, we usually eat porridge when we are sick. And there are many kinds of porridge which we can eat even though we are not sick at all.

Porridge is called as ‘Juk’ in Korean. It is a food that softened rice and other ingredients. So, it is easy to digest and eat.


Basic porridge is white porridge which made with only white rice and water. We never season it because it is for really sick person. But because it has no taste, sometimes it allowed to eat with soy sauce.


But porridge is getting popular as a daily food in Korea.

There are so many kinds such as mushroom and oyster porridge, beef porridge, tuna porridge, and kimchi porridge too.

We can put any kinds of ingredients with rice and water.

If you want some food can eat easily and healthy, try it with ingredients what you like.

Budae jjigae(Army stew)

At first, you may wonder why the name of stew is army. It is not wrong translation. Korean name “Budae jjigae” means literally “Army stew”. Actually, this stew related with U.S. army which based on South Korea. Right after truce the Korean War in 1953, Korean people had little to eat. So, people around U.S. military area like Uijeongbu, started to make a soup with leftover Spam, sausage, and can beans from U.S. military. At that time it called ‘Johnson soup’ named for President Lyndon B. Johnson.

It made from sad history but it became popular because it is quite delicious and easy to make. This soup is representative food of Uijeonbu city. It tastes spicy and clear. The point of making this soup is you can put whatever you want. Any vegetable and any meat can make this soup better. Today, I will introduce simple version of Budae jjigae.

Main ingredient (5 serving) 

2 1/2 cups of Water 
1 bottle of Kimchi 
1 can of Spam 
A half pack of sausage 
1 onion 
1/4 can of beans 
1 Chili pepper 
1 pack of instant ramen noodle 
1 green onion 
2 spoons of oil 


1/2 spoon of salt 
1/2 spoon of black pepper 
1 1/2 spoons of chili powder 
1 spoon of chopped garlic

Let’s Yori!

“Budae jjigae”

1-1 1-2    1. Slice Spam and onion.


2. Heat the pot and oil it.


3. Put Kimchi in the pot and stir it. (Watch out for burning.)


4. Pour water in the pot and Put onion and Spam.


5. Boil it and add chili pepper.


6. Add chopped garlic.


7. Put all the seasoning.


8. Add sausage, beans, and instant ramen noodle.

9. Boil it until every ingredient cooked. (About 15~20minutes)


10. Put greens onion and boil for 3 minutes.


11. Enjoy with rice!

Steamed egg

Foods made from eggs are various such as omelet, scrambled egg, and egg salad. In Korea, steamed egg is most common side dish for every meal because it is easy to make and depends on what you put inside, you can make various taste. Also it is healthy because we don’t need to put oil in it and just need to steam.  If you are in busy situation with empty stomach, and you don’t have time to chop vegetables, you can just beat some eggs and put water in the bowl and microwave it 3 min. It is tasty enough! But today, I will introduce most tasty version of steamed egg.

Main Ingredients 
3 eggs 
1/3cup of water 

2 Mushrooms 
1 Green onion
1/4 of Onion 
*Option : 1 strip of crab meat 

1/2 spoon of salt 
1/4 spoon of black pepper 

-Necessary tool 
Bowl for microwave


Let’s Yori!

“Steamed egg”


1.      Beat the eggs into the bowl.

2.      Put a little bit of water.

3.      Mix eggs and water well.

4.      Slice crab meat and Chop mushrooms, onion, and green onion.

5.      Put ingredients in the bowl.

6.      Season egg mix with salt and black pepper.

7.      Mix everything well.




8.      Microwave it for 3 min.


Beef onion soup

Do you remember “Dried Pollack soup“? It is a Korean famous hangover soup. Today, I will introduce one more hangover soup. Ingredients of today’s soup are easier to find around you. It is also good as a daily soup.


1 spoon of oil 
4 cups of water 
200g of beef 
1 onion 


Chopped garlic 
2 spoons of soybean sauce for soup 
1/4 spoon of salt 
Little bit of black pepper 
(*option: chili pepper powder)

Let’s Yori!

“ Beef onion soup”


1. Put beef in the cold water to remove the blood for 20-30 minutes


2. Cut the beef as a bite size.

3. Slice onion to be little bit thick.


4. Heat and oil the pan and stir the beef.


5. When beef turned to brown, put onion, and stir again.


6. Before beef turn into golden brown, add water, and boil it until onion get transparent color.


7. Put all the seasonings, and boil 20 minutes. (If you want more spicy taste, add chili pepper powder.)